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Custom Design

Are you looking for a one of a kind gift for your mom or best friend?  Do you want to remember a special vacation?  Are you recently married (or several years past being married when it's borderline not acceptable to have SO MANY wedding photos displayed on your walls) and want one piece to highlight your special day?  Do you have adorable kids and want a unique piece of art to show off to everyone just how freaking adorable they are? 

You are in the right place.

While I love venturing out to take photos myself, I do absolutely enjoy using your photos to create something unique.

See below for more details and feel free to email if you have any questions


Number of Images – For each custom collage design, I will need 5-6 photos per design.  

Type of Images – Photos including people, pets and faces are acceptable however the finished collage will benefit from background images such as flowers, landscapes, buildings, etc as well.  Please consider this when choosing your photos.

Resolution and Size – All photos submitted should be at least 300dpi (dots per inch) and minimum 5" x 5" in size (preferably larger) in JPG format.  Images with a resolution lower than 300dpi may cause the image to look blurry and will not produce a quality finished piece. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about the resolution or size of your personal photos.  I reserve the right to reject any photos that will not produce a high quality product.

Copyright and Google Images - Under no circumstances will I accept copyrighted logos or images from the internet without consent from the original artist.  I prefer the images you submit to be your own photos (cell phone photos are fine and surprisingly good quality as long as they are the originals and not compressed by text messaging).  If you are using images from another artist or photographer, I will need their written permission to use their work before I begin.


Proofs and Approvals - I will send you a low resolution proof to approve before any product is printed.  Modifications to the design are no extra charge and feedback is always welcome.  Email confirmation of your approval is required to move to final printing.  Once printed, refunds are not offered for custom designs.

Payment - Upon receipt of the 5-6 photos, I will send you an invoice through PayPal for the cost of the design.  Payment in full is required to begin custom work.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with the process or design prior to printing, payment will be refunded in full.

Timeline - Custom artwork takes time and I want to make sure you are happy with the finished product.  Depending on my current custom order workload, it will take 1-2 weeks from your photo submission and invoice payment for me to deliver the first proof.  The rest is up to you!  If you get back to me quickly with feedback, we can get your product out to you sooner.

Printing Times - For custom coasters and slate trivets, printing is done completely in house and turnaround times are 2-3 days after approval of the design.

Wood and canvas designs are sent out to be printed and pressed in house so turnaround time is 7-10 days after approval of the design.

Shipping - I ship all small items via USPS with tracking and delivery within Chicago is typically 1-2 days.  Larger items are shipped via FedEx with tracking and depend on your location.  I will always provide tracking and shipping options to meet your deadlines.


13X13" CANVASES - $100
 - larger sizes available upon request

12X12" WOOD PANEL - $100
 - smaller sizes available upon request


 - same image on all four coasters: $60 total
 - different image on each coaster: $80 total

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